Nick Benavides hails from Redmond, Washington and attended Stanford University where he was fortunate to receive a scholarship to study philosophy & religion.

After graduating, Nick went on to work at Bain & Company before joining two college friends to found a successful brokerage firm - Robinhood, a Silicon Valley unicorn most recently valued at $7.5B. Along the way, he took a 3 year hiatus to sell software, make music, and run a business in Tokyo, Japan.

Nick brings a unique heart into his professional life and believes that every "laboring creature" ought to feel comfortable creatively expressing their authentic selves at home and at work. Nick is currently co-founder and CEO of HOMHOMHOM along with a co-founder of Everywhere Inc. leading the future of recycled / regenerative textiles.


The Hard Questions

Ask the questions without answers
Tell no lies, withhold no truths
Be honest with self and others
Seek within for what to do

Hold the tension firm with silence
Hold all sides with open mind
Be patient and in stillness
Let your intuition be your guide

Let the muddy waters settle
Until light shines clear within
And paths open up unbidden
To walk onwards with a grin

When two strive as one in earnest
With hearts of love and faith
To seek the best path forward
Their toil is met with grace

Do not give up too early
Or despair before it’s time
For G-d rewards persistence
With solutions for all sides

I Believe in G-d

I believe in G-d
I believe in the unknowable
Old Testament origin of monothiesm

The unknowable mystery of it all
And that there is anything at all
A mystery so great that if you think
you know what G-d is
or that you can describe G-d
than you have already ventured into idolatrous lands

Solomon’s kingdom was cut down for the Ashteroth poles
that he let stand

And if you can be open to the mystery of mysteries
And can remain open to the infinite possibility space of a blessed life
If you can remain rooted in the mystery
And see with awe and wonder the world around you

You and your family will never have left the Garden
For you will see the Garden growing all around you

And in your heart will grow
the peace that passes all understanding
For it is impossible to know
Japanese Business Haiku

Hungry like tiger

Cannot read ramen machine

Push random buttons


Highball networking

Suntory time after work

Curse sun in morning


Men in black suits march

grimly down Tokyo streets

business all the time


If bugs go unsquashed

Clients will shut their wallets

And yen is so nice